HVAC Winnemuca

It started as an idea and became reality. Owners Eric Ham and his son Drew Ham started HAMS in 2009 and have been going strong ever since. Eric was still working for Newmont Mining and Drew sas serving in the Army deployed in Iraq. After getting an honorable discharge, Drew came home and Eric passed his contractors test and opened for business. With the experience and discipline, Eric and Drew make the perfect team and based their business on quality and not quantity. Give them a call for all your heating and air needs.


Arizona Artwork

Michael Chittock’s paintings are expressions of his fascination with human beings and our relationships with nature and each other. His works explore the ever-evolving connections that we have to our social contexts, and how these can produce the ideas we hold about ourselves. They call attention to the many possible reactions we have to visual stimuli in a variety of often emotionally-charged settings, and explore the complexities and fragility of human communication. Chittock focuses on individuals, situations from his extensive international travels, and the often edgy relationships between family members, friends, and lovers.